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one brick at a time.

how we build hope.

The mission of Brick Hearts is to collect and re-distribute donated LEGO bricks to adults, teenagers and children experiencing extended hospital stays.

box it.

Collect your LEGO bricks, sets and LEGO accessories that you wish to donate and put them into a cardboard box!

address it.

Address your box to 214 South Lucerne Circle East, Orlando, Florida 32801. Don’t forget to put a return address on it so we can personally thank you!

ship it.

Bring your box to the post office or any other mailing facilities like UPS or FEDEX.  At this time, we are asking that you donate the money it takes to ship your box of LEGO bricks to us. (But, hopefully, not for long)

Donate with LEGO bricks or with GOLD bricks, aka money! Your contribution will help make these LEGO gifts possible. Every brick matters, every dollar matters and every person matters.

our story.

All LEGO sets start with the same thing, the first brick. The first brick doesn’t show you the end result, but you can never get to the end result without that first brick. Brick Hearts’ first brick is our founder, Jordan Eichenblatt. Jordan has always had a love for LEGO, who doesn’t, and in 2012 Jordan’s love for LEGO opened his eyes to see a group of people that could use some LEGO love. While hosting the national television show ESPNU Road Trip, Jordan visited a children’s hospital at the University of Iowa. It was during that hospital visit that he had the opportunity to build a LEGO set with one of the patients there. The joy that the LEGO set brought to this teenager stayed with Jordan and left an impression and an awareness of a need that Jordan knew he wanted to fill.

It took seven years until Jordan connected with the next brick in Brick Hearts, Kerri Mohrman. After spending almost 2 decades working with students in education, Kerri found herself working from home but longing to be involved in a greater cause. After expressing that desire to Jordan, he shared his idea to bring LEGO sets to patients experiencing extended stays in hospitals. Together Jordan and Kerri connected more and more bricks until they created Brick Hearts.

Jordan and Kerri strongly believe that bringing LEGO sets to patients experiencing extended hospital visits will increase their joy, peace and ultimately help their mental health. People of all ages experience creativity and pleasure while building with LEGO bricks, and those in the hospital need that creativity and pleasure brought to them. Brick Hearts wants those patients to know people out there have a heart for them too. All it takes is one brick connecting to another and another to share love and healing.

Brick Hearts connects individuals, companies and schools to those in the hospitals by providing them the opportunities to be a part of the whole process of collecting, cleaning, organizing and packaging LEGO sets.

At this time, LEGO cannot be recycled. As many people play, use and then hand off their LEGO bricks, we want to provide a new hand for those LEGO bricks to go. We believe every brick matters and every person matters. Join Brick Hearts today by becoming one of our builders: build as an individual volunteer, host a Brick Party for your business or your school or volunteer to do a LEGO drive. Or do all three! Lay your first brick down today and help us build something that changes lives one brick at a time.

meet the builders.

Kerri Mohrman
Jordan Eichenblatt
President of the Board
Taylor Durkin
Allison Schnoor
Volunteer Admin
Francita V Williams
Art Director + Board Member
Jason Perry
Board Member
Yanis Rock
Board Member
Kait Richardson
Board Member
Chris Delahoz
Board Member


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